What’s The Evidence For That? A new series I am starting

One thing I have noticed is that current residents don’t seem to know the evidence supporting a lot of the treatments they use, especially if the studies were done before they started med school.  I also don’t think they really want to read articles from the past when there is so many new things that excite them more. So I came up with a new series of data summaries I am going to make for teaching purposes during rounds to remind the residents and students that there is evidence behind some of what we do.  I designed them to be one pagers and answer what I feel are the key questions on the particular topic I am covering. I also try to follow the Hayne’s 6 S Hierarchy and focus on evidence higher up the pyramid (that isn’t UpToDate or Dynamed). I want to hit the less sexy topics that we encounter a lot on the inpatient medicine service like COPD exacerbation, hepatic encephalopathy, etc.

So here’s the first one I made: What’s The Evidence For That: Steroids for COPD Exacerbation. (Steroids for AECOPD) This took about 1.5-2 hours to make… mostly because I had to figure out how to make the template in Publisher do what I wanted it to do (and it fought me all the way).

Feel free to copy it and use it in your clinical teaching. Let me know if it is useful and how it could be made better. If you make any share them with me.

As I make more of these I will publish them here. I also plan to make Touchcasts of them and will post that here when I do.